Thursday, 29 January 2015

The British Superbike Championship introduces first female racer.

Today we received some fantastic news when we heard that female superbike racer, Jenny Tinmouth, was presented with the chance to sign with The MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship. A career changing decision and her most notable career move to date without a doubt.

Not only is Jenny’s signing to Britains premier bike racing promotion fantastic news for female bikers throughout the UK, it’s also great news for us, as she’ll be racing under the Honda Racing Team banner.

Jenny has been making waves on the superbike scene since joining the series, setting the bar and achieving many firsts for women on the scene. One of her many accolades includes being the first female to score a point in MCE BSB.

"I'm absolutely over the moon and cannot believe I'm riding for Honda Racing. The offer was totally unexpected. I went for a meeting with Nick [Campolucci] to discuss the season and had a few cheeky questions I wanted to ask about Honda helping me out with bikes, and when the offer came I couldn't believe what I was being asked. I went into the meeting thinking it would just be some help and came out as a full-time Honda rider. It's always been my ultimate dream to ride for the team and to have the opportunity this year is just amazing. I'm riding the Honda BSB bike for the first time during a team test in March and I can't wait." - Jenny Tinnmouth, Honda Racing Team.

She’ll be taking to the tracks alongside well known team members Dan Linfoot and Jason O’Halloran for the 12 round championship, on the Superbike-spec Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. The fireblade is a model that O'Halloran and Linfoot spent most of their 2014 developing. They will be making their return to competitive racing this year.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Jenny being part of the Honda Racing team, alongside Dan and Jason. She's been on Hondas for a couple of years now running her own team. This year will be a huge learning curve, getting used to the team and the bike, but will also really push her in the series and hopefully generate some good results. It will also be a learning curve for us, but we're excited for the challenge. We've been aware of Jenny for a while now, not only being the only female in the BSB series but also her successes at the Isle of Man, and can't wait to see her on the bike at the first test in March." - Havier Beltran, Honda Racing team manager.

We can’t wait to see Jenny continue her success in the British Superbike Championship. We’re confident she’ll do the Honda Racing Team proud, especially with such experienced teammates to support her.

We would like to finish off by saying Congratulations Jenny, the Phoenix family are all behind you.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Phoenix sponsor the Beat Beethoven Fun Run...

We're extremely proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Beat Beethoven Fun Run for the second year in a row.

The Beat Beethoven Fun Run is a fun fund-raising event for runners, joggers and walkers, adults and children and relay teams. It's being held in the delightful setting at the University of Stirling, and is particularly suitable for families. Entrants in fancy-dress will be specially welcome.

The challenge of this event is to run 5K or walk 2.7K in the time it takes to play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony – about 34 minutes. It's not too difficult a target: most entrants should be able to beat the maestro. All entrants will receive a medal, and a commemorative certificate.

And why should you do this? Well, the objective is for you to have a fun, enjoyable day, and to raise money for two very deserving charities – Children's Hospice Association for Scotland (CHAS) and Parkinson's UK. You can find more details about these charities in the relevant page.

If you're not able to participate in the Fun Run, you can still help. Why not become one of 'Beethoven's Backers' and donate to the cause.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

John McLain tours across Europe...

Always one for adventure, John McLain, our Sales Manager at Phoenix Honda Grangemouth, recently embarked on a trip through Europe to let off some steam after a busy March at Grangemouth.

He left Scotland with a packed bag, a tent and a Honda Crosstourer Highlander. Here's how he got on...

In early april I decided to take a break from my stresses of march and go find some solace...

First, the bike, I chose the Crosstourer Highlander. A big old trusty thing, but how would I cope sat on it for 4,000 miles in ten days... ?

I finished work and fired down to dover, caught the first ferry over and then pressed on into france. The first night was spent sat in a field bivvy bag out and got some sleep as I was very, very tired from today's journey. Then it was up early the next day for a 5am start to begin my travels to Cannes. I was heading to Monaco but got tired again!

So, Cannes...hmmmm, not what I expected at all. In all honesty it was quite disappointing and made me very uneasy that night, so instead of sleeping on the beach I moved back inland to a truck stop where on a bike, you really are safe and sound.

Before I knew it, it was morning again and I was back on the bike, on my way to Nice. Along the way I managed to find a campsite and put up my little tent and relaxed for an hour or so before heading out for some shopping for food and drink. 

Over the next few days I decided to run up and down the coast visiting places of interest to me, St. Tropez, Monaco, Menton, San Remo to name a few. As well as these know towns there were loads of little villages and out the way places. I came across some fantastic markets for food and little keepsakes. After seeing some beautiful scenery in France, I decided to move on to Italy and see what it's all about. 

If i'm being honest I wasn't really impressed with the big cities, Milan was okay, but Torino turned out to be a bit of a hole. After a day or so I found myself chasing the sun and forgetting why I had came all this way. So I decided to go rough and head into the alps. I soon realised that this is what I should have done from day 1.

tIt has to be said that the alps from Italy over to geneva were incredible, with truly amazing scenery, with roads like you could only imagine. All i needed was some Matt Monro in my headphones and I was well away! 

After a few days going over the back roads I never met a sole until my first almost fatal error of not looking at the road ahead... I found a car in the middle of the road looking at the same amazing view as me (a massive thank you to Honda for the ABS system on the bike). After applying the brakes both the front and back of the bike were chattering away and I came to a stop a few feet away from the car, any other bike would have dropped on its side and slid into the back of the car...

Moving on a few miles decided to fill up and have a break to take in some of the scenery, then back into it and deeper into the wilds of the back roads through the alps, until i run into an avalanche! 150 miles in and no way back as I didn't have enough fuel so I had to sit it out. There was no chance I could get the bike through as it's too big and heavy. With my shoulder still on the mend there was no way I was picking it up if it went over. Then finally, two curries, a BBQ, a litre of coffee, and 18 hours later a snow plough punched through and sent me on my merry way into Geneva.

I spent a couple more days touring the lake and the surrounds, then I continued on what I consider the best riding road in the world, the pass from Nyon to St. Serge. A road full of super bikes showing their skills up and down this pass! Needless to say the Crosstourer handled it very well and put a few of the 6's to shame, even with my luggage on!

Before I knew it I was back in France and had ended my time in a place called Troyes. A nice small town,  a bit commercial but a great campsite and few local bars that are good enough to relax in.

The last day was spent heading into Paris, which is probably my favourite place in Europe. I love riding in paris, love the city and the sights. It's very busy and riding is a laugh a minute there.

Despite this being my favourite city,  for some reason when ever I get to paris I just want to be home. This always happens on the return, it's like paris is just down the road and think I will just blast home and get some tea. So that's what I did. Paris to home non stop through the night and day, just stopping for coffee and petrol. 

All in all it was a very good experience. The bike? Amazing. Me? A bit lonely sometimes but I always manage to make myself comfortable in everything I did and where I went.

Would I do the same trip again? Nope.

So, next trip for me? Not sure where... Arctic Circle in Norway? Mongolia? Any ideas would be appreciated...

We would like to thank John for sharing his experiences with us. Not only does it give us an insight into a great trip, but also shows us the skills and reliability of the Honda Crosstourer Highlander. A truly fantastic machine, and we recon that few could argue with that statement.

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Phoenix Grangemouth Open Day - May 2014...

We hope you're all enjoying the good weather and that you're getting the bike out while we have the sun, and we hope it carries on, because we've got some great news for you.

Next week, at Phoenix Grangemouth, we will be hosting an open weekend on the 10th and 11th of may, and we would be delighted if you could join us.

On the day, we'' have all the new models you've been looking forward to will be at our Grangemouth dealership for you to test ride. If you wish to test ride a bike, then you will need to bring your both parts of your driving license (photo ID and paper counterpart).

As well some great models there will be food and test rides provided for you all weekend, in what promises to be a fantastic event hosted by Honda.

The models present will be:

As if that's not enough, we're pleased to announce that there will be discounts on ALL new and used motorcycles purchased over the weekend at Phoenix Honda Grangemouth.

If you're the organised type, then please email us to book a slot for a test ride or you can  just turn up on the day...

We look forward to seeing you there. Please bring your friends!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"I want a bike for travelling...What are my options?"

People like to use different bikes for different reasons. Whether it be for speed, comfort, racing, cruising and so on... In this blog, we're going to talk about bikes for travelling.

In this category you have two options. You can go for a tourer or a sport tourer. Here we have given a fine example of both bikes, both available at Phoenix Honda Grangemouth.

» honda vfr800 - sport tourer...
The new VRF800F is the latest incarnation of THE Honda VFR, the bike that started it all and still has a legion of fans in the UK. So what’s new – well the VFR800F’s V4-VTEC engine has received significant development, boosting low and mid-range power. 

A single exhaust replaces the original dual under-seat design, there’s a brand new single-sided swing arm, radial mounted four-piston front brake callipers and redesigned wheels. As a result the bike is a whole 10Kg lighter than its predecessor. We have also fitted our Traction Control System, ABS, self cancelling indicators, front and rear LED lights, 5 stage heated grips and a new dashboard that houses a digital speedometer, gear position indicator, fuel consumption and clock!

Highly evolved from a sports bike heritage, the VFR800 is possibly the most refined balance of explosive sports tourer performance, superb comfort and agile manoeuvrability on European roads today. Its powered by a screaming fuel-injected engine whose 2-stage valve actuation system rewards every riding style with gratifying rushes of strong, accessible power. This considerable power is harnessed in a light-handling, receptive twin-spar aluminium frame while Combined-ABS provides extra confidence on any road. 

The low, contoured seat provides an easy reach to the ground and long-term touring comfort for rider and passenger. The VFR800 represents blistering power, presented in a well-rounded and accessible package which has been winning fans for over two decades. This is a motorcycle that will enrich your life and broaden your horizons.

From: John McLain, Phoenix Honda Grangemouth
(t): 0844 324 0840

» honda gl1800 gold wing deluxe - tourer...

The Gold Wings unique fuel-injected flat-six engine delivers tireless performance together with incredible smoothness and minimal noise. Just as the engine enjoys a legendary reputation for reliability, so the rest of the machine is finished to the very highest standards, with outstanding build quality and paint finish. 

Meanwhile, the wind-deflecting fairing, huge carrying capacity and user-friendly features such as antilock brakes and the new, improved audio system are clear evidence of the effort and passion behind the latest evolution of this most advanced and full-featured touring motorcycle. 

The Gold Wing’s five-speed gearbox comes complete with overdrive and shaft final drive. The result is smooth power with low cruising revs, more comfort and less fuel use. The Gold Wing lets you cruise the world in style, but also in safety. Honda’s Combined Anti-lock Braking System (C-ABS) means safe handling and braking, even when fully loaded. And with Honda’s airbag system - the first on a production motorcycle, the level of protection is as impressive as the bike.

The front fairing has been designed to improve protection against wind and weather and is supported by heated handlebar grips, seats and a foot warming system. The 6-speaker 80W SRS surround system plays MP3, WMA and AAC music files and can connect to an iPod*, iPhone* or USB stick. 

The next generation Honda navigation system* has a colour screen which shows lane assist and junction view and it even works in areas with poor signal. And with over 150 litres of secure luggage capacity, large panniers, fairing pockets and top box, you can take everything you need no matter how far you’re travelling.

From: John McLain, Phoenix Honda Grangemouth
(t): 0844 324 0840
If you have any questions about the models we've mentioned above, or any others please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Phoenix Motorcycles support the Forget Me Not Foundation

As we've mentioned many times before, at Phoenix we take pride in giving back to deserving charities, and this weekend we were honoured to be supporting the Forget Me Not Foundation.

On Saturday 15th February, the Forget Me Not Foundation held a fundraiser at The Radisson Hotel in Glasgow's city centre. From the get go you could tell that we were in for a fantastic evening. 

Throughout the night there were various fundraising events within the event itself, with the total figure reaching a whopping £60,000 and Phoenix were proud to contribute to this. 

Instead of donating money to the Forget Me Not Foundation, we decided to donate a Vision 50 Repsol Scooter as an auction prize, which ended up selling for £2,200.

The lucky winners: Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson
We were delighted with how popular the scooter was, but more importantly, both the Forget Me Not Foundation and the winners were delighted with their prize too. 

Overall this was a fantastic night not to be forgotten, we were more than happy to help and absolutely honoured to be a part of it.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

NEW Honda Fireblade now at Phoenix Grangemouth.

For 21 years Honda has pursued a concept of 'Total Control' with the Fireblade, after rewriting the rulebook in 1992 with the original CBR900RR. Over the last decade the CBR1000RR has developed into perhaps the most balanced Super Sport machine available, combining exceptional performance and handling with a satisfying ability to extract the very best from every rider. Victories in the World Super Bike (WSB) championship and all-conquering success at the Isle of Man TT, with average lap speeds of 130mph plus over 37.73 miles of real roads racing, is testament to the CBR1000RR's innate capacity.

The open-class CBR has built a loyal army of fans around the world over two decades. And in response to demand from a hard-core of performance enthusiasts Honda - for the very first time - in 2014 is producing the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. A track-focused, yet fully road legal, version of the bike that not only looks special - it is special.

A track-focused CBR1000RR Fireblade featuring Ohlins front and rear suspension, Brembo mono block front brake calipers, single seat unit and special Tricolour paint and sharing the CBR1000RR's uprated cylinder head and power boost, plus factory-matched engine internals. The chassis wears circuit-ready front and rear Ohlins suspension plus Brembo four-piston mono block calipers, with frame revisions and new top and bottom yokes to suit. 

Honda's electronic Combined Anti-lock Brake System is an option, with software remapped appropriately. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres are the finishing touch. The 999.8cc inline four-cylinder engine gets the same updated cylinder head as the standard 2014 CBR1000RR Fireblade, with improved inlet/exhaust gas flow and combustion efficiency, and the extra 2kW peak power boost. However it features factory-matched pistons and con-rods, to ensure optimum internal balance. 

As a track-focused machine there's no provision for a pillion and a sleek single seat unit saves weight. Further marking the SP version out from standard is its own unique Tricolour paint - white and two-tone blue, with a central red stripe and trademark Honda gold wheels.

The CBR1000RR SP uses a new 'wave' design ignition key; it offers improved security and its compact size greatly reduces the chance of breakage. Also new is the fuel tank cap - it uses an improved breather design for better venting. 

Instrumentation is a multi-function LCD with a cockpit display dominated by the digital bar-type linear tachometer that scrolls left to right as engine speed increases. Beneath this are the main numerical readouts: gear position, coolant temperature, speedometer, clock/lap time, trip/fuel efficiency/fuel consumption and odometer/numerical tachometer. At the bottom of the display are lights for headlight high beam, neutral and indicators.

All motorcycles and scooters are protected by 'state of the art' identification technologies as part of the Master Security scheme.

ABS: £15,59*

Standard: £14,999

* Includes first registration and road tax
* Includes first registration and road tax

If you would to book a test drive of the new CBR1000RR Fireblade, then please get in touch with us on 0844 324 0840. 

For regular updates, or anything you would like to know, please visit the official Phoenix Motorcycles Facebook Page.


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